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Art on board…

November 13, 2010
Stylasterid coral

Stylasterid coral: Photo by Mike Dunn

We have had some down time due to weather and long distances between dive sites, so some of the artistic flair of our fellow traveler’s has come out. Beverly is keeping a journal of her experience to share with her school and she has shown herself to be quite a sketch artist. Here is a sample of some of her artwork to date:

Inside the Van

The Van: Illustration by Beverly Owens

Medea and Jason ROVs

Medea and Jason ROV: Illustration by Beverly Owens

Illustration of various corals

Coral Page: Illustration by Beverly Owens

And, of course, anytime you have as many cameras and photographers on board as with this trip, you are bound to have some exquisite images…

Sunrise at sea

Sunrise at sea: Photo by Art Howard


Panorama: Photo by Art Howard

Even the ordinary things on a ship look artistic through a photographer’s lens…

Navigational Chart

Chart the Course: Photo by R. Peyton Hale

Ship's bridge controls

All Ahead Full: Photo by R. Peyton Hale

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